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Enjoy this fantastic adventure while learning about the benefits of fruits and vegetables in association with the rainbow colors

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Enjoy this beautiful stories in family during this season!

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Reaching New Heights Through

Health & Happiness

7 Meditation for the Nations of the World!

Based on the 7 Noachdite Laws and their daily application.

About Me

Miriam Yerushalmi

Miriam Yerushalmi holds an MS in Psychology and Marriage and Family Counseling. Trained at Pepperdine University (graduation 1990), Miriam works in private practice with families and children. She founded SANE a non profit organization and volunteers many hours providing a resource for the neediest to access appropriate Mental Health care.

Miriam is uniquely skilled at combining behavioral and humanistic approaches to address a wide spectrum of psychopathology. From panic disorders to addiction to depressive and bipolar disorders, anxiety, anger management and ADHD, Miriam imparts self regulation techniques where clients learn to develop tools for a balanced and fulfilled life.

“Miriam’s Books are Lifesavers”

Miriam’s books are lifesavers for me, and they can be for you, too. Infused with her breadth and depth of understanding of the human psyche from the Torah point of view, they transmit her simple yet deep message in an accessible, healing way for which I am forever grateful.

- Testimonial from Miriam’s client

Also New

Reaching New Heights Through

Kindness in Marriage

A Universal approach for anyone seeking a more harmonious relationship.

“I Have Become a Happy Person”

As a client of Miriam Yerushalmi, I have finally experienced the success of learning how to cope with hardship and loss. Miriam has outlined in her work practical tips and methods to achieve inner peace as described in the Torah. Within a short time of applying her teachings, I was able to move from a place of sorrow to one of productivity and happiness.

- Testimonial from Miriam’s client

Children Books

Let's Go to Eretz Yisrael

Gedalia The Goldfish Who Wanted to Be Just Like the King

Let's Go Camping and Discover Our Nature (Yiddish Edition)

Color My Day the Jewish Way

Upcoming Children's
Book Releases

Enjoy this beautiful stories in family during this season!